Sunday, March 30, 2014

Create your own personalized cloud services with Transporter

Personalized cloud service with Transporter.

Transporter is a amazing featured service where an external hard drive equipment could turn into an own personalized cloud solution.

It ensures data privacy and not accessible by third parties and a nice solution for business.If you a in a small business, managing a team of people across multiple locations, or a small business that need files protected off-site.Transporter is simply the most cost-effective way to privately sync, access, protect and share all of your critical data.

No more recurring fees, no more wondering which device you have your files on.With Transporter, you control your data while maintaining access to everything from everywhere.

We can sync data with any number of people using Transporter, access files to and from any remote location, data protection is high, share files to remote locations as well inside an office space.It has no monthly fees of accessing the service. Just download the software, integrated the device and use it any where.

The cost of the device is also very eye catching, just in 99$, u could have your own personalized cloud solution. In India, they had tied up with a unit of, to avail the equipment.

Some prominent areas where transporter can be efficiently utilized:

1. Legal
2. Healthcare
3. Education
4. Design Build
5. Creative Services
6. Remote Offices