Monday, September 30, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno


One can only consider the Veneno an extremely fascinating machine.

Twelve humans have walked on the moon, yet only three humans will own a Lamborghini Veneno coupe.

One can only consider the Veneno an extremely fascinating machine.

The Italian automaker claims that its latest handcrafted $4 million supercar is "extremely exclusive," but we would venture to call that a gross understatement. Consider that Bugatti is making 450 Veyrons, Ferrari crafted 399 Enzos and Porsche assembled just 345 of its 959 supercars – you don't see any of those "extremely exclusive" cars on even a monthly basis. Now ponder the news that Lamborghini will make only four fully homologated street-legal Venenos, and selfishly offer only three of them for sale to the public.

Standing over the Lamborghini, watching the warm sun reflect off its gray metallic-look paint, one can only consider the Veneno an extremely fascinating machine.

Lamborghini VenenoLamborghini VenenoLamborghini VenenoLamborghini Veneno
The Veneno is an exercise in lightweight composite building technology.

Lamborghini said the two-seater was created to push the envelope of design and entertain the automaker's future styling cues. According to those who penned the shape, its razor-sharp, carbon fiber figure is not only edgy, aggressive, sinister and evil, it's completely functional. Every detail in the bodywork has reportedly been engineered to optimize downforce, maximize cooling and minimize drag in the same manner as a racecar.

Consider its front end a large aerodynamic wing, with channels to guide air over and around the windshield. The fenders are set away from the body, just like a sport prototype racer, to optimize airflow around the sides and feed air into the radiators, brakes and intake. The rear wing is adjustable, and beneath the coupe is a smooth underbelly to minimize turbulence and lift.

But the vehicle is not an entirely clean-sheet design. Based on Lamborghini's own Aventador - a scene-stealing exotic by every definition of the term - the Veneno is an exercise in lightweight composite building technology.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

World Heart Day Today

Today is World Heart Day. The first step to a healthy heart is keeping  it happy.

World Heart Day is being celebrated on Sunday with the World Heart Federation theme: A life-course approach to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with a focus on women and children. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, use of tobacco, stress, unhealthy diet patterns and lack of exercise are major factors causing the disease.
 A healthy lifestyle will make your heart healthier. Few things you can do to improve yours.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Add dried fruit to breakfast cereal, and add vegetables to your pasta sauces and curries.If you're feeling under pressure, clear your mind with a walk. It will help put your ideas in order and reduce tension. If it's a brisk walk, it will also count towards your daily activity. 
To maintain a healthy blood pressure, stop using salt at the table and try adding less to your cooking, or cut it out completely. When shopping, look at the label on food packets to see what the product contains. Understanding what is in food will help you make healthier choices.

Samsung GalaxyS4 Gold

Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Gold

Gold is  a symbol of wealth for everyone and so on people get it in anyways whether it is ornament, jewelery, car or a  Phone. 

With its launch of Gold Phone, Samsung also enters in the race with Apple iphone Gold to flaunt customer with its Gold Pink and Gold Brown Galaxy S4 versions.

Samsung is proudly showing off on its United Arab Emirates social media outlets. It's doubtful that these handsets will make it to a global distribution — they look to be targeted at the same well-off demographic that might consider buying a handset like the Nokia Oro — but the important thing is that Samsung can now claim to also have a golden flagship product.

 Samsung has clarified that the first golden GS4 units arrived in stores on September 8th, therefore it technically preempted the golden iPhone by two days.

Samsung has not disclosed information on pricing or availability. It also appears that, for now, the handsets will only be available to customers in the Middle East.

 Samsung's announcement comes days after Apple launched its gold iPhone. That device, which has a champagne-like finish, is the first flagship handset from Apple that hasn't come in black or white colors.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Celebrate 15th Birthday Today

Google is celebrating its 15th birthday with a piñata doodle appearing on its home page
September 27 is celebrated as Google's birth date, even though the company was incorporated a few weeks ago. It was founded at a garage in Menlo Park, California by Larry Page and Sergey Bin

 It's Google's 15th birthday today and what better way to celebrate than a playable doodle.
 A children's favourite and a must at every birthday party; today's doodle is a swinging piñata that needs to be hit to score candies.

Ranbir Kapoor To Go ‘Besharam’ .

Besharam’ will release on 2 October, a National Holiday. This will be the first time that a Ranbir Kapoor film will release on a non-Friday. Film directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap.Starring Ranbir Kapoor,Pallavi Sharda, Rishi Kapoor,Nitu Singh and Javed Jaffrey.
 Actor’s latest film ‘Besharam’ is all set to be his biggest opening as the film is set for a Wednesday release.

Babli (Ranbir Kapoor) is a street smart car mechanic living in a Delhi orphanage. He is charming and lives life to the fullest. He also steals cars to support his orphanage. He has no sense of right or wrong till he unwittingly hurts the love of his life, Tara (Pallavi Sharda). Babli realizes that there is no right way of doing the wrong thing. Babli sets out to fix all the wrongs in his life and he continues to be shameless about it.

Besharam in cinemas on October 02, 2013.

Nokia Lumia1020

Nokia has launched its latest smartphone - the Lumia 1020 in India. There is no official announcement yet on the price of the device, however, Nokia says they will reveal the price one day before it will be available in the market for sale i.e, October 11.
The Lumia 1020 comes preloaded with Nokia Music, Mix radio, the Here Maps suite, Nokia Smart camera and Nokia Rich Recording. It runs on the Windows Phone 8 Amber update, which enables Bluetooth 4.0, double tap to unlock and a clock on the lock screen.
Lumia 1020 comes with an option where users can go for a camera grip accessory which runs on a separate 1020 mAh battery, a tripod mount and a two stage camera button. The camera grip will be available for Rs. 7,500, the wireless charging shell for Rs. 3,200 and the charging pad will be available for Rs. 4,000.

Ash & Abhi celebrate real life Happy Anniversary

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may have given her nod to Gaurang Doshi's film Happy Anniversary to be directed by Adman Prahlad Kakkar. She is working hard to return to her svelte self for her comeback film Happy Anniversary.
Actress Aishwarya Rai is returning to the arclights with Abhishek Bachchan in Happy Anniversary and the film's producer says she will be back on the big screen in the same avatar as seen in Dhoom 2.
     Abhi and Ash are the ideal couple  and they both look good together. The film will be widely shot in South Africa.

Slowly, steadily and surely, Aishwarya Rai has been snailing her way back to glory, back to her slim, svelte and drop dead gorgeous self. Now, Noblesse India declares ‘The Return of the Queen’ with this cover and photoshoot.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


All around the globe, World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on September 25, in order to show respect for this important, yet often overlooked, branch of health care. 

The council made the announcement on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day, which was organized in the country for the first time to create awareness among people and healthcare professionals about the importance of pharmacists.
The president of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, H N Mahanta, said, "The Pharmacy Council of India has been organizing such programmes in other parts of the country for some time now. However, no such programme has been organized in our state earlier."

It said change is sweeping pharmacy and health care on global scale, while a new era of healthcare development has brought with it much hope as more solutions has become available to patients and pharmacists could help with their ever more complex care. 
 On this occasion of World Pharmacy Day, We should salutes the other players in the industry including pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufactures, community pharmacists and chemical sellers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 Window phone

Nokia's Innovation Reinvented event in Abu Dhabi next month will host the launch of at least six new devices from the Finnish company, including at least two new Lumias. The Verge that there'll be a range of new accessories, and that one of them will be "pretty special."The rumored Lumia smartphone, which will reportedly be the first 6-inch Windows Phone, makes an appearance in an image.

Its a smartphone with 20 megapixel camera, a screen larger than 5 inches, to revamp its lineup of Lumia smartphones which use Microsoft's Windows Phone software. The phone was initially known by the code-name Bandit - but its real name is the Nokia Lumia 1520.

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Apple iIPhone release day in USA

New Apple's iPhone release today in USA and there is a lot of rush and fight at store.

The Cupertino tech company has begun selling the new versions of the iPhone across the world, and already, some locations have sold out of some models.

The iPhone 5s is available  at $199( approx 13000 INR)  with a two-year contract and comes with a speedy all new 64-bit A7 chip, an improved camera that can film in slow-motion, and Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock a user's device.

The iPhone 5c is costing at $99(6500 INR) with a two-year contract, and it is essentially the 2013 model of the iPhone 5.It comes in five colors and uses a plastic shell, not metal.

There were reports leading up to limited supply of phones by Friday's Limited supply especially the gold and silver options of the device. That appears to be true as various locations have already sold out of the gold gadget.

The golden iPhone 5s was out of stock just after the launch. Apple's website has already pushed the shipping availability of that device to October. Other versions will also be shipped in 7 to 10 days.

Apple's launch is expected to be at least as big as last year's thanks to the fact that the company is also selling the new iPhones in China. 

BlackBerry launched Z30 Smarphone

BlackBerry Ltd launched its new Z30  smartphone on Wednesday                                         BlackBerry has officially taken the wraps off the rumoured BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, which features a 5-inch display.
Its a biggest, fastest and most advance smartphone.

“The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone builds on the solid foundation and engaging user experience of the BlackBerry 10 platform with features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, its exceptional touchscreen keyboard and industry leading browser,” said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry. “The smartphone rounds out the BlackBerry 10 portfolio and is designed for people looking for a smartphone that excels at communications, messaging and productivity. Having apps like the full Documents To Go suite that comes preinstalled, together with its 5” touch display, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone gives you a best in class productivity experience on the go.

The smartphone will go on sale with select carriers and retailers in other regions over the remainder of the year.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1....

Sony has shown off the latest model in its Xperia smartphone range, the Sony Xperia Z1.
Xperia Z1 with a price of Rs 44,990 are positioning up against the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 1020.The smartphone features a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor.
Fully Waterproof

The fully waterproof Sony Xperia Z1 boasts a 20.7-megapixel camera . Users can also shoot and record video in HD. The phone has a 5-inch screen using BRAVIA tech.

The company is also offering free 8GB data download on Vodafone, free accidental insurance for six months and EMI scheme with the device. Xperia Z1 comes with free access to movies, songs and TV shows with Xperia Z1. Only content under Sony Music, Sony Entertainment and Sony Pictures brands will be available to users as part of this scheme.