Friday, December 13, 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival 2013 by Google extend by one more day to 14 November

The Great Online Festival Shopping Event - 11Dec to 14Dec.

Google has again created a history by creating all major e-commerce brands under one umbrella, launching mega event of Great Online Shopping Festival started from Nov,11 to Nov, 13 2103 which has been extended to one more day i.e to Nov, 14 2013 after getting an overwhelming response from the customers.

A million of users visiting the site in the first 24 Hrs which is a history.

Almost 200 online retailers are taking part in the event.Major E -Commerce player's sales have been up by five times at the first day of event compared to general trend.

Many online retailers have even created micro sites for GOSF and some have links inviting shoppers to avail discounts.

For example, UKbased shoe retailer Clarks has special GOSF price mentioned on discounted shoes and accessories. The official website for the festival, however, played spoilsport, as it was not functional until late in the evening due to technical glitches. ..