Monday, January 20, 2014

Ebay stand to grow India Business

Indian Online business is expanding at a very exciting rate with 30,000 small business entrepreneurs on eBay covering multiple technologies from Jewelry to Gadgets.

As per Online Business Index a research report issued by Ebay India, there are 64% proprietor firms
with company. Among them 16% of respondents describe themselves and 9% as also exporters.

For domestic entrepreneurs, the majority of 87% sell only on eBay INDIA and only 0.5% sell across both ebay INDIA & International eBay sites.

Why Online business in INDIA s increasing, as per the report.

Majority of entrepreneurs(57%) sell online because they do not require offline shop. They have flexibility in schedule and prohibit the cost of retail property on rent. 
Selling online on eBay gives more profitability by selling things on less transaction fess which will charged only on successful sales.

The growth rate is also very healty starting from a figure of 20% to 40% percent and in some cases, it increases to 100%.

Online business is also helpful in generating income and employ about 60 million people in INDIA.

As per Online Business Index, around 77million Indians now visiting online shopping websites every month & IAMAI projecting the online shopping industry will grow to $1.8 Billion.

The E bay store helps Indian entrepreneurs to potentially increase their business across all spheres of world, where 45000 retailers from more than 4300 cities and towns across India are taking the benefit from Ebay.