Friday, January 17, 2014

Intel provide solutions for Small Scale Business Owners!!!

Small Business like blogging team of Miss Malini is using the Intel Solutions of Small Scale Business.

Miss Malini has a small setup in Mumbai which is expanding greatly and as these guys are expanding, facing lots of issues related to storage, speed, efficiency of devices and other IT related issues.

So Intel has come up and provide solutions to their team with their small scale business IT solution.

Intel provides DIY guides to get customer find the exact requirement alongwith technical support for various issues like :

which server you need?
What is right server for you?
Considerations when buying a server.
DIY channel partners and best ways to shop etc...

intel provide best server options to small scale business owners like Intel Premium Processor, 4th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor, 4th Gen Intel Core I5 processor and many more...

It has partnered with Dell and other service providers to give hardware support Device, Tablets, Ultrabook, Notebbok, etc...

These devices are High performance, energy efficient and 24/7 reliabilty, and faster access and very much secured.