Monday, January 6, 2014

Panasonic started "100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project" to help people of Cambodia by lighting them with Solar Lantern.

"Cut Out the Darkness" Project to Deliver Solar Lanterns and Shades to Non-Electrified Regions Based on the Designs Contributed from All over the World.

Panasonic has launched a great Green Project as a light of for the people of Cambodia- 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project. Under this project Panasonic will donate 100 thousand lanterns to various NGO's/NPO's working to provide education, medical care, and support so that people may become more independent, Panasonic hopes to help resolve these issues.

As well as thrusting the "100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project" to donate a total of 100 thousand solar lanterns to the regions without electricity by 2018, the company's centennial, Panasonic Corporation has launched "Cut Out the Darkness," a project to deliver solar lanterns and shades based on designs contributed by participants to homes and schools in the non-electrified regions. The company seeks to involve people around the world in the project and to make those participants aware of issues in the regions without electricity.

Currently, about 1.32 billion people are without access to electricity worldwide, and many homes in the regions use kerosene lamps for lighting, but the fire and smoke from these lamps pose serious fire and health risks.

The "Cut Out the Darkness" project website offers its own unique application that enables users to design a cutout and see a virtual shade image on-screen while working on the design. When finishing the design, the design can be submitted online, and displayed in the "Design Archives."

Based on a popularity poll by site visitors, the best 100 shade designs are chosen and fabricated by laser cutter into lantern shades true to the original cutout designs. Moreover, original designs contributed by eleven globally acclaimed paper-cut artists, who are supporting the project, are also showcased on the site and made into lantern shades. Solar lanterns and shades, including those made from selected designs by a popularity poll and from designs contributed by paper-cut artists, are delivered to homes and schools in non-electrified regions.

The "Cut Out the Darkness" project allows people around the world to participate easily, because the entire process from design to submission is completed online. Panasonic cordially hope people around the world recognize the challenges in non-electrified regions, and show favor and support to Panasonic's "100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project" by participating in the "Cut Out the Darkness" project.