Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 Gadgets for all purpose!!!

Top 10 Gadgets that rocks the world as per TIME analytic:

1. Google Chromecast

A device from which you can easily enjoy favoutite online entertainment on your HDTV- movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, You tube, Hulu Plus, Google Play, Movies and Music, and chrome.

It has launched in with a amazing price of $35.and it is very easy to use.Just Plug it into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, and you can fling videos and other content from your laptop, tablet or phone to the big screen, no wires involved.

2. Apple's new iPads

The new iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light. And yet it’s so much more powerful and capable. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and great apps for productivity

and creativity — all beautifully integrated with iOS 7 — iPad Air lets you do more than you ever imagined. In more places than you ever imagined.

Both benefit hugely from the App Store’s 475,000 iPad-optimized apps. It’s best tablet you can buy, in two convenient sizes.

3. Oculus Rift Development Kit

At the moment, Oculus Rift is only available in a $300 kit aimed at game developers. But once you strap on this virtual-reality headset onto your noggin and experience.

it in action, you’ll get itchy for the consumer release, which is scheduled for 2014. Used with a PC or Android device, Rift will let games create 3D worlds which surround you — you can even look over your shoulder for enemies lurking behind. If the games live up to the hardware’s potential, it could be an epoch-shifting


4. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble is the smartwatch that 85,000+ people brought to life through Kickstarter. After setting the Kickstarter funding record, Pebble has continued to develop into a fully-functional and customization smart watch ecosystem.

With pebble we can get notfications directly on wrist, enjoy a rich commuity of apps from sports, music, games, etc, this watch is waterproof with ATM level 5.A battery life of 5-6 days before next recharge, changeable straps and vibrating alarms. But Pebble is off to a promising start. The $150 wearable gizmo acts as a satellite for your iPhone or Android handset, receiving snippets such as text-message notifications via Bluetooth and displaying them on its power-efficient E Ink display. Third-party developers can write programs to let it do everything from playing games to tracking your fitness.

5. Apple iPhone 5s

The display on the iPhone 5S remains the same at 4.0 inches.The iPhone 5s also comes with a 64-bit A7 chip which Apple says makes it the only smartphone in the world with a 64-bit system.The Touch ID sensor lets unlock your phone with a quick press of your finger or thumb. And the camera sports a unique dual-LED flash which provides subtle, custom lighting for an array of picture-taking scenarios.

6. Microsoft Xbox One

Officially, Microsoft’s Xbox One is a game console, but its aspirations go far beyond play. With built-in video calls via Skype, integration with cable and satellite TV boxes and an interface derived from Windows 8, it’s really a living-room PC.

The most intriguing technology is built into the new Kinect sensor, which understands spoken commands, recognizes faces and can even measure your heart rate. Some aspects of the One are still rough around the edges, but it’s going to be fascinating to see where it goes.

7. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon’s third-generation Kindle Fire tablets — a $239 seven-inch model and a $379 8.9-incher — are the first ones which felt truly polished and pleasing from the day they debuted. As always, they make it as simple as possible to consume mass quantities of Amazon content — video, music, books, games and more.

And they’ve got one feature that’s a ground-breaking dazzler: Mayday, which lets you get tech support from a real live Amazon rep who appears on screen and can take control of your tablet.

8. Nest Protect

Nest Protect us from increasing Carbon Monoxide levels in room, it sense level of CO and alarmed you.It protects you by sending Heads Up, which signals the alarming conditions. Its a Web-savvy touch-screen thermostat. And its new product is Nest Protect, a $129 smoke and carbon-monoxide detector. Rather than emitting an eardrum-shattering squeal, Protect alerts you to hazards in a calm female voice which says helpful things like “There’s carbon monoxide in the den.” If it mistakes your smokey cooking for a fire, you can set it wise with a wave of your arm.

9. Leap Motion Controller
This pint-sized USB accessory for Windows PCs and Macs is an $80 preview of where man-machine interfaces may be headed. Plug it in, plop it on a flat surface, and you can perform tasks — from playing games to reading New York Times stories — by waving your hands in the air. It can even detect the angle your palms and how many fingers you’re sticking out. The technology is also being built into laptops, starting with HP’s Envy17 Leap Motion SE.

10. Nokia Lumia 1020
Reason five is the editing possibilities that the Nokia Lumia 1020 gives you, including the ability to re-frame and re-zoom. And don't forget the next-gen Xenon flash on the phone which can light up a picture even at the fastest shutter speed of 1/16,000th of a second. And that shutter speed is another reason by Nokia to buy this model. You can also set the shutter speed to as long as 4 seconds. The point is, you are the creative genius with this handset.