Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C:

The iPhone 5C a new low-cost iPhone which is likely to be targeted at emerging smartphone markets like India and China. . 

Apple iPhone 5S Features & Pricing in India:

Display & Body:
The display on the iPhone 5S remains the same at 4.0 inches. The design is also the same as the Phone 5.
64 biti A7 chip and M7 motion co-processor
The iPhone 5s also comes with a 64-bit A7 chip which Apple says makes it the only smartphone in the world with a 64-bit system.  
Touch ID:  Apple products has also showed off the purported fingerprint scanner of the latest iPhone.
Improved Camera : The Apple iPhone 5S will come with a dual LED flash. 
Battery: The battery in the iPhone 5S is also expected to be of a higher capacity compared to the battery of the iPhone 5
The new iPhone 5S now comes in three new different colours Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Apple has also introduced new leather covers.

Apple iphone5c:The iPhone 5C is likely come in blue, pink, yellow, white and green colours. Apple iPhone 5C is liekly to be released on September 20.