Thursday, September 26, 2013


All around the globe, World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on September 25, in order to show respect for this important, yet often overlooked, branch of health care. 

The council made the announcement on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day, which was organized in the country for the first time to create awareness among people and healthcare professionals about the importance of pharmacists.
The president of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, H N Mahanta, said, "The Pharmacy Council of India has been organizing such programmes in other parts of the country for some time now. However, no such programme has been organized in our state earlier."

It said change is sweeping pharmacy and health care on global scale, while a new era of healthcare development has brought with it much hope as more solutions has become available to patients and pharmacists could help with their ever more complex care. 
 On this occasion of World Pharmacy Day, We should salutes the other players in the industry including pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufactures, community pharmacists and chemical sellers.