Friday, September 27, 2013

Nokia Lumia1020

Nokia has launched its latest smartphone - the Lumia 1020 in India. There is no official announcement yet on the price of the device, however, Nokia says they will reveal the price one day before it will be available in the market for sale i.e, October 11.
The Lumia 1020 comes preloaded with Nokia Music, Mix radio, the Here Maps suite, Nokia Smart camera and Nokia Rich Recording. It runs on the Windows Phone 8 Amber update, which enables Bluetooth 4.0, double tap to unlock and a clock on the lock screen.
Lumia 1020 comes with an option where users can go for a camera grip accessory which runs on a separate 1020 mAh battery, a tripod mount and a two stage camera button. The camera grip will be available for Rs. 7,500, the wireless charging shell for Rs. 3,200 and the charging pad will be available for Rs. 4,000.