Saturday, September 28, 2013

Samsung GalaxyS4 Gold

Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Gold

Gold is  a symbol of wealth for everyone and so on people get it in anyways whether it is ornament, jewelery, car or a  Phone. 

With its launch of Gold Phone, Samsung also enters in the race with Apple iphone Gold to flaunt customer with its Gold Pink and Gold Brown Galaxy S4 versions.

Samsung is proudly showing off on its United Arab Emirates social media outlets. It's doubtful that these handsets will make it to a global distribution — they look to be targeted at the same well-off demographic that might consider buying a handset like the Nokia Oro — but the important thing is that Samsung can now claim to also have a golden flagship product.

 Samsung has clarified that the first golden GS4 units arrived in stores on September 8th, therefore it technically preempted the golden iPhone by two days.

Samsung has not disclosed information on pricing or availability. It also appears that, for now, the handsets will only be available to customers in the Middle East.

 Samsung's announcement comes days after Apple launched its gold iPhone. That device, which has a champagne-like finish, is the first flagship handset from Apple that hasn't come in black or white colors.