Sunday, September 1, 2013

i phone 6

The iPhone 6 release date will be in 2014. It will follow the iPhone 5S which will be released this year, almost certainly in September.
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek concurs, saying that we'll see an iPhone 5S first, with a June 2014 release for the iPhone 6. Citi's Glen Yeung also believes that we won't see an iPhone 6 or cheap iPhoneuntil 2014.
In May US carrier Verizon introduced an iPhone 5 price cut of as much as $100 USD and further price cuts have followed.
Reports in April also suggested that Foxconn has added as many as 10,000 assembly line workers per week to its Zhengzhou plant as it readies itself for the new iPhone release date.
Interestingly, in May 2013 Stuff reported it received a photo of the till system at a Vodafone UK store (which it has since removed along with the reference to Vodafone), with '4G iPhone 6' listed. Interesting.
Could we see both an iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in quick succession? Some reports suggest a new 5S in the late part of the year before a revamped iPhone 6 very early in 2014.iPhone 5S